Wavy Wall Panel – model #01086

Wavy Styling Panels - model #01086

Price: $150.00

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Name: Wavy Panel #01086
Category: Wavy Styling Panels
Material: Recyclable plastic polystyrene
Manufactured: Designed and manufactured in Austria
Packaging: 16 panels per box, covers 10.74 sq.ft
Description: Flexible application on all walls, ceilings, doors, furniture & etc. Creates deeper 3D effects with lighting aimed at the panels. The panels are white and can be easily painted with waterbased paint if needed. Installation is possible with or without groove between the individual Wavy Panels. Fast and easy installation.
Price per box $150.00
  • Installation of wavy wall panel #01086
  • Installation of wavy styling panel #01086
  • Installation of wavy panel #01086
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This is about as easy as it gets, however keep few important factors in mind:

  2. The subsurface should be dry, clean, firm and able to support a load. The surfaces must be free from dust and separation materials such as oil and grease.

  4. Apply the adhesive strips supplied to the intended installation area. Please consider the marked installation direction (<) on the backside of the panel. All arrows should be facing in the same direction.

  6. Attach the Styling Panels to the subsurface (follow manufacturer instructions) using a standard fixing adhesive. Adhesives with a high level of initial adhesion should ideally be used (must be acetone free) or optionally you can use silicone calking. Apply adhesive using spatula according to the adhesive manufacturer’s details. Optionally you can fill in butt joint with a paintable acrylic filler and smooth it over.

  8. The Styling Panels are easy to cut using a standard jig saw. (Use a fine-toothed sawing blade!!)

  10. The Wavy Panels can be coated with any standard water based paint if required or desired. (Note: do not use solvent-based paints!!)

  12. Use standard spray guns with emulsion paints. (Note: do not use solvent-based paints!!)

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