Working with aluminum sheets

SIBU aluminum ceiling panels

SIBU Design products are generally simple to use and aluminum SIBU Design ceiling panels are no exception, as long as you have the right tools and pay attention to our professional advice.


A guillotine with 0.003-0.004″ clearance is required for mechanical cutting. Only one aluminum sheet may be cut at the time as otherwise burring can lead to the danger of injury. Electrical or mechanical sheet cutters are ideal for manual cutting and a circular saw with a special blade for non-ferrous metals should be used.

Designation HW 250×3,2×30 Z 80, FZ/TZ (HW = hard metal, 250 = external diameter, 3,2 = blade thickness, 30 = bore diameter, Z 80 = number of teeth, FZ/TZ = alternating flat and trapezoidal teeth) Parameter: speed (n) = 3800 l/min Advance = 5 m / min Supplier: e.g.. Leitz, Art. No. WK 462 2 37

Handling SIBU alu-line DUO

During the handling of SIBU Design aluminum ceiling sheets, special care must be taken to protect the fused aluminum film backing so it will not deform under the pressure. Therefore, aluminum ceiling sheets should not be held by the perforations, however should the fused aluminum film be dented, it may possibly be corrected by gentle finger pressure on the back side of the sheet.

Protective film

The film should be removed after sheet processing and/or complete installation. Special care is required to prevent any possible bending during the film removal process.


Under no circumstances may abrasive cleaning agents be used.


In order to avoid damage, SIBU Design aluminum sheets may only be transported on appropriate pallets.


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