Leather Surfaces

Note: Products are imported from Europe, lead time 4-5 weeks!

Our Leather surfaces are a leather like laminates that can help you to achieve glamorous designs of commercial and residential interiors. Leather Laminate sheets are flexible, easy to bend, and can be cut with a standard utility knife using score and snap method. Our leathers can be applied on primed or painted sheet rock, melamine and other non-porous smooth surfaces. Capture the elegant, sophisticated, and sometimes vogue feel of real leather by utilizing our leather laminate. Achieve glamorous designs and installations at a fraction of the cost compared to real leather. Whether decorating walls, ceilings, or furniture, our leather line will stand in a league of its own. Please note, this finish is not actual leather, however it looks exactly like leather with added benefits in design, fabrication, and installation.

>>> Check our newest offer, the SIBU HPL leather surfaces for amazing interior surfaces.


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