Multistyle Surfaces

Multistyle decorative surfaces available in a wide range of mirror colors. The surfaces are tinted mirror finishes pre-scored creating the look of small tiles. The digits in the pattern name identify the size of each tile in mm, for example MS Silver 3X3 means that each tile is 3mm x 3mm. Mulitistyle patterns only come with self adhesive backing and only in 39”L x 39”W size. However if you are ordering more then 3 sheets of the same finish we can offer special production in 102” L x 39” W size. All sheets come with protective coating, which we strongly recommend removing only after the installation is complete. Special feature of multistyle surfaces is highly flexibility, so if you have a project where you need to go over curves and radiuses this product is perfect. Please note, that in order for installation of this product to look good the base surface needs to be perfectly smooth. Samples of all finishes available upon requests.

Note: Products are imported from Europe, lead time 4-5 weeks!


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